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Pump System

  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Dairy / Stock Watering
  • Residential
  • Industrial

Maintaining correct pressure and flow in the pipes and at the nozzle of your pump system means more water per kWh and savings on energy, which is one of the highest cost items in farming. We can supply the irrigation pumping solutions that reduce energy costs, safeguards the water resource, and keeps productivity at its best. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite changeable conditions. We stock pumping systems that are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern farming operations.

Pumps are at the heart of any commercial, landscape & turf irrigation or water supply system. The correct pump selection is a critical engineered process involving your system requirements, environmental parameters and budget. At Think Water, we have the support of a number of different preferred pump suppliers - like Davey and Orange Pumps. With strong relationships and years of experience between our stores and our Preferred Pump Suppliers, we specialise in creating a pumping solution for your commercial application that will provide years of trouble free, efficient pumping.

An irrigation pump system is absolutely essential if you’re running a farm. By choosing the right pump for your farm, you will see an increased result in not only better crop production, but it will help you save money as the longevity of the system will be higher. Choosing the wrong pump for your farm can be very damaging and increase power costs.

A constant supply of fresh water flowing from taps and shower is essential in every residential home. Lack of mains pressure, loss of pressure when more than one tap is turned on, remote locations, the desire to use rainwater for the gardens - these are all applications that can be fixed with a residential pump. At Think Water, we recognise that every application is different, which is why we design, supply and install pump systems that specifically suit your needs with only the most reliable, user-friendly and water efficient pumps.

We have the support of a number of preferred pump suppliers who are able to provide reliable and efficient pump and control systems so suit your industrial application. We have strong relationships and years of experience with these suppliers, some of which include Grundfos, a goober leader in pump manufacturing; Davey, an Australian company who have provided pumping and water products for over 70 years; and Pentair Southern Cross, a global company with a huge range of industrial pumping solutions.

“Thinking of your next project?”

Our owner-managers have worked for many years in the industry and employ qualified design staff to ensure you receive the solution that best suits your requirements.
Our dedicated team will help you choose the product you require and arrange for it to be installed.
We provide quality products from leading national and international manufactures and suppliers.
With fully trained workshop personnel and field service teams, we can provide after-sales support if you require service and maintenance.